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from guesthouses to hotel chains...

We value the privacy of our clients, so here you will find only those selected references with regard to client privacy and security.

In particular, we do not list larger projects publicly on the website, but we are happy to talk about other references in person.


Residence Nosticova
Prague 1, Lesser Town

We sold a luxury residence in Nosticova street in Lesser Town. We also helped the owners set up business processes for running accommodation services.

kinsky 2.jpg

Hotel Kinsky Garden
Prague 5, Holeckova st.

We managed the sale of this beautiful hotel for our client. After the sale, we ran a selection process of a new operator for the owner, which was won by a local hotel chain.


Apartment building
Prague 3, Vlkova street 

We rented a modern house in Žižkov in Vlkova Street.

hotel karlín.jpeg

Hotel Karlín
Prague 8, Sokolovská

We secured the lease of Hotel Karlín in an attractive location in Prague 8.

strojirenska 18.png

Rented building
Prague - Zlicin

In Prague 5 - Zlicin, we rented the entire building in Strojirenska street.

Kamenická 23.png

Kamenicka 23
Prague 7

Search and selection of a tenant for the entire building.


Nerudova 14
Prague 1

We managed a new tenant for this unique building, who turned the original hostel into luxury apartments.

Hasičský dům.jpg

Prague 2

For the Association of Firefighters, we found a new tenant for their hotel in Prague.

pension 15.jpg

Pension 15
Prague 3

We have found a new tenant for this beautiful family guesthouse. 

La fresca building.jpg

Hotel La Fresca 4* Kromeriz

We represented the owner in the selection of a tenant for this 4* hotel. This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Kromeriz. It is currently one of the best-rated hotels in the area.

Hostel Hello building.jpg

Hostel Hello

On behalf of a Czech investor, we selected tenants for this hostel in the wider centre of Prague. We also oversaw the transition of the old tenant to the new tenant which ran smoothly.

Friday Hotel building.jpg

Hotel Friday

Stylish boutique hotel in the center of Prague. When taking over the hotel from the original tenant, we helped the owner to start sales channels, set up the right revenue management, and in cooperation with the director, we managed the business activities of this hotel for more than 7 years.

Horinka building.jpg

Guesthouse Horinka
Velke Losiny

We have been helping to manage the business activities of this family guesthouse since 2014.

Gendorf building.jpg

Hotel Gendorf and U Zvonu Vrchlabi

In these mountain hotels, we help train the staff and also work together to manage PPC campaigns.


Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic

We are honored to collaborate on the training of hotel managers and also on the creation of educational materials for new generations of Czech hoteliers. We see the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic as a great help for hoteliers in the Czech Republic and we are glad that we can be a part of their activities.

Chvaly building.jpg

Hotel Chvalská Tvrz Prague

This Prague hotel specializes in corporate events, accommodation, weddings and the operation of the stylish restaurant Sezóna. Our long-term role is to make all operations visible online, acquire new sales channels, devise and promote special offers and also acquire new corporate clientele.

Koruna Chlumec building.jpg

Hotel Koruna

The operator of this hotel was originally in the gastronomy business, we helped him set up business and operational processes and then handed over all activities to them. The hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the region.


Levitate Restaurant Prague

In this experience restaurant, we helped start marketing activities, especially in establishing cooperation with Prague hotels. This restaurant soon received an award from the prestigious Michelin guide.


Hotels a resorts 
Royal Spa

In the Royal Spa group of spa hotels, we collaborate on training staff in the field of marketing.


Hotel U Jezulátka
Prague 1, Na Kampe

We sold and then we rented a hotel in the heart of the world (in Kampa). 


Residence 7 Angels
Prague 1, Jilska st.

For the owner, we managed a suitable operator for this beautiful building near the Old Town Square.


Sale of the project
Prague 9 - Black Bridge

We secured the sale of a project for the construction of an apartment building in Prague 9 - Černý Most.

hotel imos.jpg

Hotel Imos
Prague 9, Cakovice 

For our client, we found the operator of the Imos Hotel in Čakovice (a quiet part of Prague 9, next to the Letňany district).

pod plynojemem.png

Apartment building
Prague 8 - Liben

We have secured the rental of an apartment building in the Prague 8 - Liben.

Roháčova 18.png

Rohacova 18
Prague 3

Tenant selection process. A high-quality Czech operator with experience from a number of operations has been selected.


House Liben
Prague 8

We rented this house to the Czech Red Cross, which will run a home for the elderly.

Hotel Skalka.jpeg

Hotel Skalka 
Prague 10

We have rented this hotel.


Hotel Hájenka
Filipova Hut

We represented the Czech owner during the selection procedure for a new tenant. The tenant we managed to secure was a successful Czech hotel chain, which has been successfully operating the property for several years.


Baroko Hotel

We have found a suitable tenant for this beautiful hotel with a long history. Everything was implemented privately only through contacts from our database.

seno 6.jpg

SeNo 6 Apartments Prague

In this family business, we helped the investor set up business and operational processes and gradually trained the family members so that they could manage everything themselves.

Apartmány svatý vavřinec.jpg

Svaty Vavrinec

We were honored to be a part of the Svaty Vavrinec project, which immediately after its opening was awarded as the real estate project of 2017. In this project, we acted as external consultants, we participated in influencing the layout of the project, calculations of operating costs and revenues.


Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic

For the Chamber of Commerce, we act as a professional guarantor for assessments of professional qualifications in the hotel industry.

Agnes building.jpg

Residence Agnes

In this residence, we helped start up sales channels and business activities during the owner's takeover of the hotel from the original tenant. This is a beautiful and well-run hotel that leads the list of hotels in Prague on Tripadvisor.


Homér Prague, Podebrady and Pilsen

In this family hotel chain, we managed the business activities of all their hotels (Homér Prague, Homér Podebrady, Homér Pilsen). We take care of pricing policy, online visibility and we addressed corporate clientele.



Together with the CzechTourism agency, we prepared training and teaching materials as part of EU projects that supported the education and development of employees in regional hotels. Among the topics we trained were management, operational and business skills. It is an honor to give back to the industry the experience we have gained.


Apartments Kouty Jeseniky Mountains

We have helped this mountain facility manage its business activities for many years. We worked with pricing policy, expanded sales channels and many other activities.

park golf hradec.jpg

Park Golf
Hradec Kralove

Park Golf Hradec Kralove is a popular golf resort, which includes a great restaurant and hotel. We helped start and manage business activities here.

vinařství václav.jpg

Winery Václav Hustopece

We were honored to help start the business activities of Vinařství Václav. We contracted sales channels, created a pricing policy and managed search engine campaigns.


Cloister Inn Hotel
Prague 1, Konviktska st.

We sold this hotel in a wonderful location in the centre of Prague.

hotel attic.jpg

Hotel Attic
Prague 4, Hanusova st.

We have searched for a quality tenant to run this beautiful hotel.


Apartment house
Prague 2, Resslova 1 

We rented a beautiful house with a new facade in the New Town in Resslova Street.

hotel astra.jpg

Hotel Astra
Prague 10, Strasnice 

We secured the lease of Hotel Astra in Strasnice (Prague 10) to a new operator.


Rented building
Prague - Bechovice

We successfully found a tenant for the building in the industrial complex in the Prague 9 - Bechovice district.

u suteru hotel.png

Hotel U Suteru
Prague 1, Palackeho st.

We managed a tenant for this beautiful hotel in the heart of Prague.

Hotel Spa Carroline.jpeg

Hotel Spa Carroline
Prague 1

We arranged the rental of this beautiful hotel for the owner of the building.

ABE hotel.jpg

Hotel ABE
Prague 2

For the owner of the hotel, we found a new operator who is going to raise the standard of the rooms and will operate the hotel at a top level.

Penzion Suva building.jpg

Hotel Sůva
Krkonose mountains

We arranged the sale of this hotel for our client. The hotel was bought by a Czech investor who already owns a number of similar establishments, but does not operate hotels himself. For that reason, we already found a suitable tenant to run the hotel before the sale was completed.


Hotel Tálský Mlýn
Zdar nad Sazavou

We found a new operator for the city of Zdar nad Sazavou, who has leased the entire area and will operate both a hotel and a restaurant at the highest standard.


Penzion Avionika
Krusne mountains

This mountain guest house was built by a successful investor in the construction industry. We managed to find him a suitable tenant.

honest building.jpg

Honest Apartments Prague

Newly opened apartment house in the wider center of Prague. We helped with the launch of sales channels and also we managed promotion and pricing policy.

PAG logo.jpg

Prague Apartments Group

In this group of luxury apartments in the center of Prague, we have been helping to manage some online activities for a long time and we also cooperate in training their employees.

Dvur Stran building.jpg

Guesthouse Dvůr

A beautiful family business in the Ore Mountains. The owners were not from the hotel business and wanted to get the facility into profitable numbers. They performed an operational and business audit. We taught the owner to use all the possibilities of the hotel business and set up better processes in the guesthouse. We are glad that the steps helped the owners.

Adam building.jpg

Hotel Adam
Spindleruv Mlyn

For a long time, we helped manage the business activities of this beautiful hotel in Spindleruv Mlyn. During our cooperation, we were able to significantly increase the average prices and occupancy of this hotel.

Semafor building.jpg

Semafor Cottage 
Mala Upa

We set up the entire operational and business process in this luxury mountain cottage. We selected a hotel system, contracted sales channels and prepared a pricing and business policy. After we prepared and set up everything, the staff was trained and now they manage everything themselves.

Komorní Hůrk building.jpg

Komorní Hůrka

In this established hotel that specializes in spa and wellness clients, we helped launch new sales channels and we also consulted on the expansion of operations to include a wellness and conference room.


Hotel Purkmistr

Hotel Purkmistr is located in the heart of beautiful city of Kromeriz. We have been helping to manage the promotion of this beautiful hotel for many years. We mainly manage online visibility and pricing policy.

Hotel invest favicon.png

and many others...

hotels and guesthouses from different parts of the Czech Republic or from abroad

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